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Digital Certificates

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A personal digital certificate is like a digital ID card that resides on your computer. At UVA, your personal digital certificate allows you to:

  • access UVA's encryted cavalier wireless network;
  • authenticate through NetBadge using the faster and more secure digital certificate option; and
  • install and use the Cisco VPN (UVA Anywhere).

Personal digital certificates are valid for 14 months. Approximately one month prior to the expiration date, you will receive a notification reminder that you have a certificate about to expire. When this happens, simply get a new certificate as described below.

Need a Digital Certificate?

You have 2 options to download a new digital certificate:

Note: Prior to installing your digital certificate, verify that your computer’s system clock, date, and time zone are accurate. (Certificates are validated by date and time.)

Already Have a Digital Certificate?

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