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WiFi at UVa

Connect Mac OS X to UVa’s Encrypted jefferson Wireless Network

Before You Configure for jefferson WiFi...

Requirements to Connect

  • You must be UVa faculty or staff authorized for access to jefferson by your Local Support Partner (LSP)
  • You must be within range of UVa’s encrypted jefferson WiFi network (anywhere other than UVa residence halls where you see the encrypted cavalier WiFi network is available, jefferson is also available, though hidden)
  • You must have applied all current patches available through Apple Software Update
  • You must be configured to connect to the encrypted cavalier wireless network
  • You must meet all the user responsibilities at all times for accessing (even intermittently) the More Secure Network, even when connected to a network with a lower level of security, as the protection provided by the More Secure Network is undermined if users introduce hacked or infected machines from the outside

Connect Mac OS X to jefferson WiFi

  1. Click the AirPort menu bar icon [AirPort menu icon, AirPort On] located at the top of your screen. (If AirPort is off [AirPort menu icon, AirPort Off], select Turn AirPort On and then click the AirPort icon again.) From the drop-down menu, select Other… or Join other network...
  2. In the box which appears, enter the following:
    1. In the Network Name field, type jefferson (lowercase).
    2. From the Security field, select WPA2 Enterprise.
    3. From the Mode field, select EAP-TLS.
    4. From the Identity field, select the personal certificate that you are using in your cavalier wireless network configuration. If not using cavalier, select a current certificate.
    5. Leave the Username and Password fields empty.
    6. Click the Join button. If you get an error, please confirm that you can connect to the cavalier network.

Make jefferson Your Preferred WiFi Network

  1. From System Preferences (click the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen for the menu), select the Network icon.
  2. Select AirPort from the list, then click the Configure… button.
  3. Select the AirPort tab.
  4. From the By default, join drop-down, choose Preferred networks.
  5. In the list of networks that appears, select jefferson and drag it to the top of the list.
  6. Click the Apply Now button and close the System Preferences window.

Once you are connected, you will maintain a connection to jefferson unless you:

  • move out of range of the jefferson wireless network; or
  • turn off your AirPort card or WiFi; or
  • change your wireless network.

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