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WiFi at UVa

Connect Mac OS X to UVa’s Unencrypted wahoo Wireless Network

Before You Configure for wahoo WiFi...

Requirements to Connect


Connect Mac OS X to wahoo WiFi

  1. Click the AirPort menu bar icon [AirPort menu icon, AirPort On] located at the top of your screen. (If AirPort is off [AirPort menu icon, AirPort Off], select Turn AirPort On and then click the AirPort icon again.) From the drop-down menu, select Other…
    AirPort Menu
    The Closed Network window will appear.
    AirPort Menu
  2. In the Network Name field, type wahoo (lowercase).
  3. Leave the Wireless Security drop-down set to None.
  4. Click the OK button (if you get an error, please confirm that your AirPort card is registered correctly).

Once you are connected, you will maintain a connection unless you:

  • Move out of range of the wahoo and cavalier wireless networks, or
  • Turn off your WiFi.

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